Denver’s Stark Lumber Yard Reimagined to The Yard on Santa Fe Drive

Photo on the left of Stark Lumber Yard in August 2000, followed by a photo of The Yard on Santa Fe in September 2021

Tabor Beginnings

Once known as a local Denver landmark, 924 W. 1st Avenue was home to Stark Lumber Yard for over 100 years. This unofficial historical site was one of the first lumber yards in Colorado established in 1879. However, the familiar Stark Lumber Yard was originally Tabor Pierce Lumber Yard owned by prospector and Colorado Senator Horace Tabor. Tabor lost his fortune to the silver mine crash around 1893 and by the mid-1920’s the lumber business went bankrupt. The lumber yard came into the Stark name as payment for handling the bankruptcy of the estate for Tabor. Stark’s son John then took over the business and ran the lumber yard until he died around 1966. While on his deathbed, employee Harry Moll Jr. convinced Tabor to sell him the business for practically pennies on the dollar. This business transaction didn’t sit well with Stark’s family.

Eventually, in 1979 Moll sold the lumber distributor to Anson Garnsey, and by the early 1980’s Anson added hardwood molding to the manufacturing line. After Anson’s wife fell ill with breast cancer he decided to step down. Son Payton Garnsey along with childhood friend and brother-in-law Jim Michas took over the lumber, wood flooring, and trim business. Stark Lumber was sold and Jim Michas now owns Tabor Millwork operating out of another location in Denver.

“Breaking” Ground

With the company sold, The Sherman Agency, Inc. stepped in to purchase the real estate. Specializing in innovative real estate solutions, commercial real estate brokerage, and property management The Sherman Agency, Inc’s president Hal Naiman saw the opportunity for site improvement. Teaming up with Coburn Development for planning and Everett Miller Construction in 2013, the lumber yard underwent a facelift. Hal’s first vision was for the property to remain as industrial usage but the market and demand for the area called for more retail purpose. Hal felt the name “The Yard” was all-encompassing in keeping the property’s history while carrying on the creative integrity of the Santa Fe Art District and prospective purpose.


The Yard Tenants

The Yard development began leasing to tenants in late 2014 after acquiring the property in 2013 and construction was completed in January 2016. The new tenant roster included Renegade Brewing Company, Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness, and Fin Art which we are proud to call existing tenants of The Sherman Agency, Inc. Other big names of The Yard consist of Smokin Yards BBQ, Momentum Group, Ink & Drink, Hardy & Fuller, Moonrise Coffee Roasters, and So Many Roads.


Currently, The Yard is at 100% occupancy but there is space coming available January 2024. The 4,000 sq. ft. space is ideal for another restaurant concept and will boast excellent visibility to Santa Fe Dr. Contact our broker Josh Snyder for more details at 303-572-8778 or click on the listing on our website.