Tenant Highlight: New Year, New You, New Fitness Routine

Time to Hit the Gym

The turn of the new year typically brings colder weather, slightly longer daylight hours, new opportunities, good fortune, and resolutions. Most resolve to dedicate the new year to health and wellness by establishing healthier habits, dropping bad habits, and promising themselves they’ll stick with it. Some feel embracing a new and improved lifestyle can be daunting and challenging. Many enroll in a gym membership or dust off the current one that they’ve been paying monthly for but haven’t attended in a few months…or longer.

Our go-to gym recommendation is with our long-time Denver tenant — Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness Gym (900 W. 1st Avenue Suite 170 Denver, CO 80223). They’ve recently completed their gym expansion project and have tons to offer new and existing members. This month’s blog is brought to you by Marketing Manager Amber Hale who graciously submitted phenomenal content featuring before and after pictures of the gym renovation. I’m extremely “pumped” to share this exciting info about the classes, services, and equipment Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness Gym offers.

Follow Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness on their Instagram and Facebook page to catch a glimpse of life at the gym and fitness gips. Visit their website to read their blog to learn about various health and fitness topics and check out their group fitness classes (free for all members).
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Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness Gym in Baker

Written by Amber Hale, Marketing Manager Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness Gym

Denver has long been considered one of the top fittest cities in the United States. There is something active to do anywhere you go in Colorado, from skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, backpacking, hiking, running, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, pickleball, golf, and so much more. And, because people are so active, they also want to stay healthy, fit, and conditioned on the days between those activities. At Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness, we empower people to lead healthy, active lives by providing them with a gym facility that has a wide variety of equipment, a welcoming community, and a positive gym atmosphere.

Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness has been a local Denver gym located within The Yard in the Baker neighborhood since November 2015. It originally started as a small gym catering to a handful of personal training clients and Baker neighborhood residents. We’ve been on a mission to create a unique fitness experience for our members throughout the years, and because of that, we have grown into a one-of-a-kind space. As of fall 2023, we revamped and expanded the gym space, which has almost doubled in size.


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The Gym Space

Today, the gym has grown into an over 12,000 sq. ft. facility offering personal training, Olympic weightlifting, yoga, sports conditioning, and more. Located within the facility is a Martial Arts Academy (Six Blades Denver MMA School) and individual practitioners offering services such as dry needling and physical therapy (The Savvy PT). Along with some of the best independent personal trainers in Denver who have a wide variety of training styles to help members achieve their fitness goals.

20 Yard Turf

Since we expanded the gym, we now have a 60-foot turf space for functional fitness, sleds, and more space for a variety of workouts, from stretching to intense HIIT sessions and powerlifting. This unique space offers year-round usability, transitioning seamlessly from indoor comfort during the Denver winter months to an open-air setup in warmer months when we can throw open the garage doors. There is also a dedicated wall for medicine ball slams and throws, ensuring a complete full-body workout that focuses heavily on core strength and cardiovascular endurance. This area is a member favorite!

Group Class Room and Flex Space


Previously, we had an open-ceiling classroom in our original space that we used for our yoga classes, but we know that it can be hard to focus on your practice when you can hear the hustle and bustle of the gym. We turned this room into a flex space with an area for kickboxing, stretching, foam rolling ab work, and exercise.

The new classroom space is fully closed off and private. We put a lot of thought into the design, offering a more upscale look that our members really appreciate. The classroom is available for posing practice for physique competitions, and the many classes we offer, such as morning/evening yoga and new HIIT and mobility classes. These are free to all members as a way for them to add variety to the exercise routines and also to build community.

Gym Growth and Looking into the Future

The hardest part has been managing the growth. The gym grew steadily for the first five years, but since 2020, membership has surged as people continued new healthy habits acquired during the pandemic or raced to return to old routines. Managing the rate at which the gym grew became a significant challenge until the expansion was complete. Our members have expressed their gratitude over the new expanded space and we have enjoyed welcoming new members who have joined in the last couple of months.

We are so grateful to have the Sherman Agency as a partner in executing our vision. When we brought our idea of expansion to them, they were very supportive. We’ve had a long relationship with them and look forward to continuing that relationship for many years!

What’s next for RMFF, or Flex as it’s known to close members and staff; We plan to focus on expanding our class offerings and continue to encourage a close community of fitness enthusiasts focused on working hard in a welcoming space.

Regardless of your fitness ability, whether you are new to the gym or a seasoned gymgoer, Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness is the place for you. Visit our website to learn more about joining as a member or to try out the gym with our FREE 7-day membership!