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Tenant Highlight | Blue Flame Studio Co.




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Empowering Women, Body Positivity, and Personal Branding

January’s tenant highlight goes to Mackenzie and her photography studio, Blue Flame Studio Co., located at 771 Santa Fe Drive in the heart of Denver’s historical Santa Fe Arts District. Mackenzie’s forte lies in celebrating women, creating client trust, and embracing self-acceptance while setting aside insecurities. Blue Flame Studio Co. offers professionalism, a full-service studio including a personal stylist; professional hair; makeup, and a one-of-a-kind personal photoshoot experience. Her sessions highlight her expertise in boudoir photography, professional visual branding galleries, and maternity shoots. Visit Blue Flame Studio to book your consultation at or check out her Instagram and Facebook pages to view her portfolio.


Meet Mackenzie | In Her Own Words

I am a small-town girl born & raised in NW Nebraska who was always ready for more. At 20 I realized more only came to those willing to work for it, so I moved to Southern California to see what I could create for myself. My interest in photography sparked there as everything around me was so beautiful! Fast forward to 2014 when life brought me to Denver where I wanted to get serious about photography. I decided to niche down and solely focusing on boudoir. Having no idea just how big of an impact it would have on my clients’ lives, in turn, greatly affecting mine. Boudoir photography found me and I most definitely found myself in boudoir photography. Combining many of my passions, along with serious determination, my career as a women’s portrait photographer blossomed!

The impact I can have on my client’s lives is much greater than just a bunch of sexy images. There is a much larger shift happening when they decide to step out of their comfort zone & trust me with their insecurities and what-ifs. Blue Flame Studio CO. is a safe space to take the first steps in self-acceptance. To explore a side of you that has been shamed, pushed to the side, or forgotten about. I know and understand these feelings, as I have my struggles with insecurities that society has trained us to believe about our bodies and how we view ourselves as women. It’s long overdue that we take back what belongs only to us with no apologies. Boudoir is such a liberating experience and helping women on their journey is a true honor.

Blue Flame came to life and legal on my birthday back in 2015. The name came to me while driving with the car windows down singing a favorite song of mine at the time. A cheesy lyric in a Florida Georgia Line song hit and it clicked, “…giving me those Blue Flame looks.” But much more than just a silly lyric, Blue Flame has a much deeper meaning. After a little digging while working on my branding, I found that in the spiritual realm a “Blue Flame will clear deeply stuck energy in your mind, body and spirit. It is something that will help you when you’re ready to go to the next step in your life, to truly release old patterns, to shut the door of one phase of your life, and to transition into a new phase. For this reason, the Blue Flame is something that can help you to actualize your desires into your life.” (Melissa Field) Pretty special huh!?


Mackenzie’s Take on Finding a “Home” for Her Studio

For years Blue Flame Studio was run out of my home. I had converted my second floor into a studio and for years it worked beautifully, but my biggest dream was my own studio space. That dream manifested right at the first peak of the pandemic. I signed a lease on a commercial space in April and moved out of my home studio in May 2020. However, I didn’t find a “home” in the Sherman Agency family until October 2020. I always had my eye on one of their properties on Santa Fe Drive from following a tenant of theirs on IG. Being the go-getter (or maybe impatient) woman I am, I reached out to get more info on the space. It was perfect timing as that tenant had just moved on so, I set up a showing. The space I went to see was STUNNING, but just too much space, so Josh showed me another availability next door. When he opened that door, I gasped. It was my dream space and I had to have it. A few weeks later I moved in and my dream had really come true. Hard work pays off, friends.

Now it’s January 2021, I turned 35 this month and Blue Flame turned 6. 2020 was wild but I learned a lot, worked with the most incredible women, and grew my business. The first two months in the Santa Fe Arts District have been my best months yet. I’m looking forward to offering a continued safe and clean (Blue Flame is aware and respectful of all COVID regulations) space for clients to take that step to liberation. So excited to be apart of the Santa Fe Art District and offer what I can to bring the vibrancy back; the future is bright! I am ready for more ;).
Learn more about Mackenzie’s journey to find the perfect space to lease for her photography studio in the Santa Fe Arts District studio with the help of brokerage services offered by The Sherman Agency, reading her blog.