Tenant Highlight: Squad Goals, Screen Printing, and Spirits

Welcome The Sherman Agency, Inc’s newest tenant to join The Yard on Santa Fe.

The Sherman Agency, Inc. is delighted to welcome Ink & Drink, a screen printing business and bar, with tenancy in the southern gateway of The Arts District on Santa Fe corridor known as The Yard. The Yard is a proud project developed and repurposed by The Sherman Agency, Inc. that was home to Stark Lumber, a 100-year-old lumber yard facility at the southwest corner of 1st Avenue and Santa Fe. Taking on over 2,600 sq. ft. of space located at 900 W. 1st Avenue, Suite 130, Denver, CO 80223, they are sure to be a great addition to this neighborhood.Ink & Drink will be joining acommunityof successful businesses including Smokin’ Yards BBQ, Fin Art, So Many Roads Museum and Brewery, Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness, Deviation Distilling, Copper Door Coffee, and Momentum Group.

We encourage new businesses with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and talent and take pride in helping them find the ideal commercial space that will serve their thriving establishments. This spirited crew of art design and tech brings an entertaining spin on apparel and libations, transforming what is typically thought of as a factory-produced duty into an engaging and educating experience. Accompany us in welcoming Ink & Drink’s Josh, Galen, and Paul in their modern endeavor.


Meet the Team | In their Own Words

As the owner(Josh Kice)of Ink & Drink and one of the few and far between natives of Colorado, I think being raised in Colorado has helped me develop an adventurous spirit and “go get it” mentality. Connecting those dispositions along with 6 years in the screen printing industry, I was ready to push the relatively unchanged industry to a new height. The question was, though, “What could elevate a tried-and-true industry?”
Thoughts filled my head about consumers’ experiences and general lack of knowledge surrounding a staple of everyone’s wardrobe and necessity of every business. This sprung the initial concept—intending to educate consumers of what it takes to screen print apparel and consumables.

I teamed up with two friends that I met while at college in Kansas. Galen, Ink & Drink’s Art Director and Bar Manager, pushes the creative envelope for the trio of young entrepreneurs. Accounting for most of the designs (and all of the good ones) in the Ink & Drink Gallery, Galen has dialed in his inspiration and adaptation of what printing is and can be! Paul is the third piece to the puzzle. Often traveling the world and getting into mischief, Paul has decided to dedicate his genius mind to the efforts of starting and operating a business! He presents a degree in business while boasting abundant aptitude for computers, coding, and hacking—but only for fun, he promises!

Their Offering

Ink & Drink is a DIY t-shirt printing bar intended to engage its customers in the basic practices of screen printing. Customers joining us will get to choose from our 25 to 35 rotating designs, colorful apparel collection, and broad ink swatches to produce their own shirts and additional items. We hope to provide creative outlets with a little more function than what the crafting markets have seen in the past. When we found out that there was an open unit, large enough for our equipment, within the Santa Fe Art District—and even better—in the nook that is The Yard, we couldn’t delay our idea any longer and decided that we had found our first home as a business! We hope to bring a broader customer conglomerate to The Yard and each of our neighbors here in their efforts to bring the Art District of Santa Fe a little farther south and put
our cluster of stores on the map for art events and lucrative business ventures.

Ink & Drink is aiming to host their Grand Opening throughout the weekend of June 4th. With lots of work to do and plenty of equipment on its way, our hands are full, but never too full to greet our neighbors with a wave—and hopefully handshakes soon as well! We have appreciated meeting our neighbors thus far and look forward to connecting with those whom we have not met yet. Please join us after we open for a
printing class or private grouping, both bookable on our webpage which is being published soon.


Follow Ink & Drink’s studio from inception to completion on Instagram (@inkanddrinkdenver) and get the latest updates on their opening by signing up on their website (coming soon https://inkanddrinkdenver.com).